This page contains updates to the information supplied in Greek Island Hopping 2013.
  May Update      

As is usual at this time of the year ferry services in Greece are in a state of flux as operators gradually move between Low Season/winter services and the move to more tourist orientated High Season timetables. Currently most popular islands are seeing one ferry a day in and out, with tiny islands (e.g. the Little Cyclades) depending on local ferries to provide connections to larger islands with their regular Piraeus ferries. One noticeable difference this year is the number of ‘high speed’ craft that are running - there is, however, a catch. Normally faster ferries and catamarans are greatly reduced out of high season as their higher running costs mean that they have to sail with a near full passenger load to break even. What seems to be happening now is that these craft are operating - with their normal higher high speed fares - but are travelling at significantly slower speeds, thereby cutting fuel consumption and therefore costs. So they get you where you want to go, but you are paying a higher price than you would do for a regular ferry that would offer much the same service.



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